Pet Dental Health

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pet

Oral health is very closely tied into your pet's health. We offer experienced orthopedic procedures based in Mckean. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums prevents local and internal infection, oral pain and lack of appetite. A pet with a healthy oral cavity will live a happier, healthier and, most often, longer life. We provide:

  • Complete oral evaluations (gums, teeth, tongue, palate)
  • Dental prophylactic cleanings
  • Dental radiographs
  • Treatment for periodontal disease and tooth extractions
  • Oral mass removal and biopsy
  • Pain free teeth trimmings in Rabbits
  • Instruction and demonstration on home care to keep teeth clean and healthy longer

Orthopedic Procedures

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your pet's dental health. Our veterinarians proudly serve pets and their families from McKean, Erie, and Fairview, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding communities.