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Your pet is part of your family--and like any other member of the family, you worry when your animal friend gets sick. At McKean Veterinary Hospital, we know how concerned pet parents get about their furry and feathered companions. That’s why we concentrate on providing efficient animal medical services in a comfortable atmosphere.

The veterinarians and vet techs at our practice all have pets themselves. They understand the deep bond one can develop for their animals and they extend the love they carry for their animals to yours. We care about your pets and farm animals just as much as you do.

When you visit our veterinary hospital in McKean, PA, you’ll see just how equipped we are to handle your pet’s needs. We have extensive experience working with most common pets and farm animals. That experience combined with our advanced diagnostic equipment allows us to effectively treat or manage our patient’s conditions.




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McKean, PA Veterinary Hospital Boasts Award Worthy Design & Latest Technology

The Right Care for Your Faithful Companion

You and your pet have been through a lot together. Their playful antics have made you laugh, and their warm fur has been comforting during stressful moments. Don’t you want to take them to a vet that understands their unique needs?

At our office, we’ve worked with animals big and small. Whether you want to neuter your dog or treat your llama’s broken bones, you can count on us. Our doctors and vet techs have successfully managed the care of many different animals, including:










Each of these animals has a different anatomy and physiology, so it’s important to turn to a veterinary hospital that has the knowledgeable staff and the right tools to treat them. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit us. Reach out to us to schedule a wellness examination. We also offer emergency services if the situation is more serious.

Award-Worthy Hospital Design With the Latest Technology

Making patients and their owners feel comfortable during treatment is important to us. Our clinic was designed by award-winning veterinary design specialists Copich & Associates. We have a spacious waiting room and surgical suites with state-of-the-art equipment. There are also several clean, well-designed examination rooms for routine visits.

At our veterinary hospital, we employ the latest technology and innovative medical protocols to treat your beloved pet. The carefully planned layout of our facility not only increases the comfort of our patients and their owners, but also helps our staff deliver effective care.

We diagnose and treat most medical conditions, perform a large variety of surgeries, and provide critical care for our animal patients. From prescribing effective flea medications to performing neurological surgeries and treatments, you can find the services your pet needs at our facility.

Comprehensive Services for Your Pet’s Needs

When your pet or farm animal has a medical emergency, they deserve to get the treatment they need quickly. The first step in treating an animal is providing a fast, accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, we have a range of diagnostic tools and techniques that let us know what’s wrong.

After we determine what’s ailing your animal, we talk to you about the different options available. This treatment you choose may depend on your budget. Since we want to make sure you have the financial ability to properly care for your pet, we offer Care Credit financing and senior citizen discounts.

Visit our veterinary hospital for both routine and non-routine medical treatments, as well as elective surgeries like cat and dog neutering and spaying. We offer a wide range of services, including

Dental Care

Spaying & Neutering

Treatment for Acute Illness & Chronic Medical Conditions

Preventive Care

Emergency Care

Critical Care


Vet Services

Veterinary Hospital

We offer Care Credit financing and senior citizen discounts.

Contact us today to learn more about our veterinary services or to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve clients and pets from McKean, Fairview, Girard, Lake City, Erie, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding communities.